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'Even hangmen eventually die...'

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30th July 2005

1:24am: Turks
It appears the Turks are swiftly proving their worth, or lack thereof. No new intelligence concerning the insurgents, and it seems communication with the insurgent leader has ceased.

Well, no matter. Once I have my formations in proper order, I shall begin interrogating and detaining suspected partisans myself. As I have told that pathetic halfwit 'Sears,' my patience is finite. I expect no complaints from Reeve's department if more extreme measures must be taken. He needs to do his job and keep the civilians in line, anyway.

Bah! Turks! I would destroy them too if such power was in my grasp! Spies, partisans, politicians, merchants... they're all the same spineless scum. They lack the honor and integrity of the soldier!
Current Mood: ...annoyed

25th July 2005

8:03pm: Some excitement for a change...
Things have been calming down here in Wutai for the past few weeks, and everything seems to be in order.

What a bore! Granted, Wutai is a lovely place, and I shall miss her dearly, but the lack of... incidents is curbing my interest. I thank the gods that I have been assigned to a new task in Midgar.

Speaking of which, these 'ecological' terrorists have finally revealed themselves. They sound absolutely pitiful, not the same as the at least halfway respectable nationalist partisans of Wutai. These new terrorists... they're a self-righteous bunch of intellectual nitwits, no different from the slobs running Shinra from the tower. Hmph!

And most disappointing of all, these new terrorists are clumsy! The leader of the terrorist cell revealed himself. Pffft. Amateurs! Don't they know that partisans operate better in their own element, hiding under rocks and filth? This fool known as 'Sears' has only made this too easy for me. The only consolation is that they hide in a heavily populated urban setting, quite different from Wutai or any of the other more rural, cultural areas I have been assigned to. Indeed, crushing these miserable plebes in Midgar shall prove quite... interesting.

Hmmm. I wonder what will happen.
Current Mood: Contemplative

21st July 2005

11:04am: Hmph.
'Good' and 'evil' are only relative. Unfortunately for humanity, incompetence is an absolute.
Current Mood: Fulfilled
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