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'Even hangmen eventually die...'

The Beauty of Arrogance and Conceit

General 'Hangman' Heydrich Stroud
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Arrogant, conceited officer in the Shinra Corporation's Peace Preservation programme, posted as head of the occupation and anti-partisan forces of the Wutai protectorate. Fiercely loyal to his objectives and to his soldiers, General Heydrich Stroud is cold and has developed a great amount of contempt for humanity, and 'fat, ignorant' politicians and civilians in particular. His cruel but decisive methods in supressing insurgents has earned Stroud the moniker of 'Hangman Heydrich.'

'They say everyone has a 'God-shaped' hole in their soul. Unfortunately, the hole in my soul can only be filled with mass reprisals. '
opera, reprisals, supressing partisan activity